Sunday, November 14, 2010

State of the Music

Things have been moving quite fast recently, though they may not seem to be. My move to Soundcloud is still in process, bringing to light a lot of music people may have missed previously on my site, due to the lack of promotional abilities for individual works. I'm sure many readers have seen these tracks popping up on Facebook and Twitter. Along with placing these older tracks online, I've been finding new homes for them in publishing libraries and pitching them for placement opportunities. Still awaiting responses on most items, but the prospects are looking good.

There has been recent activity regarding Smear Campaign as it was recently reviewed by Gird_09 at Kaliglimmer. Overall the review was quite positive, which I am very thankful for. There should be another review coming soon as well. I can only hope for more kind words.

I am still awaiting the launch of Smear Campaign through Amazon's on demand print service, which will hopefully lead to the tracks being picked up by Pandora. I've run across a good number of tracks they would mingle well amongst, hopefully the staff at Pandora agrees.

As for new projects, there are some films coming my way, including a film by Steve Fletcherson called Crazed. There is also a potential acoustic collaboration project being felt out, which will be detailed when the time comes. If things pan out, live performances will be included.

For now, Relentless is still the highest priority item and is moving along. More updates here soon.