Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching Up With Myself

I received an encouraging email today from a publishing library I am a part. It stated simply that I had a statement online which was available for viewing. It appears that there have been some placements for a few of my tracks (Boolean, Null Pointer and Recursion) during the last quarter.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of placements they handle (and also the process in place for many of their larger clients), they cannot notify artists in real time of placements. I suppose this is fine, considering you do eventually find out about them and get paid your share, but I do find it a little disheartening that the statement doesn't appear to give a lot of detail regarding where each piece was used.

Now, I will admit that randomly hearing my music in a show or commercial without prior knowledge would be one sweet rush, but considering the amount of TV I watch the odds are extremely low. There is also the fact I only have the most basic cable package possible (barring none), making the vast majority of programs out of my reach as it is.

Surprisingly I did happen to find one of placements based on the show name, which made for a very welcome elated moment. Given the license date on the statement (6/30/2010) I assumed it must have been a fairly recent episode, if it had even been aired yet. My Google search led me right to a video, which I just assumed was the most recent episode. I (half)watched and listened and wouldn't you know it, Null Pointer showed up! It's merely a few seconds of the track, but still! I thought it was exciting.

Now, fast forward a couple hours and we come to the moment where I was trying to find it again to show my wife. It was upon this search that I found out the video I watched was not the most recent episode. Actually, it wasn't even from the same year. I am being paid this month for a placement on an episode which originally aired in March of 2009! How I got so lucky as to find the track in the first episode I watched, I will never know...

I guess what I've read is true, it does take awhile to get paid for licensing.

For reference, the show that used the track is called Gametrailers, which appears to play on Spike Friday nights. The episode in which Null Pointer is used can be found here. The track appears at about 16 minutes and 14 seconds in.

My track Recursion appears in an episode as well, but I have yet to find it...