Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Silence is Productive

As some may have noticed, it has been a dark period on this blog. This silence wasn't intended to be a statement of shallow progress, but rather a growth and structuring period. There was plenty going on, all of which could have been shared here, but I had to ask myself "would anyone really want to read about such tedious and uninteresting tasks?" My silence was meant to spare everyone the agony of wading through my rants and hardships revolving around this transitional period.

I have decided to break this silence, as the transformation is now in motion.

The most important objective of these last few months was to create a personal website which I had complete control over. I dreamt for weeks about creating a user friendly site which represented my true musical focus, composition for film and other visual media. I needed a presence which showed the industry my level of commitment, professionalism and sincerity, while making sure it's content was clear and easily utilized.

The current phase now is to get this site into the hands of my target audience. Those in need of services I can provide. Those creating true art in motion and dialogue, but long for the perfect melodic, tonal and rhythmic support to complete their vision.

My next slated project is a survival horror film titled "Relentless", written (and to be directed/produced) by James Phillips of Highly Caffeinated Productions. Filming, to the best of my knowledge, is to commence in March. This sets the bulk of my musical involvement to begin early Spring.

Starting today, and continuing through the end of March, I will be working on building the audio library portion of my site. This will include previously recorded tracks, mostly unreleased, and brand new compositions supporting my tagline of "beautiful sonic destruction".

I look forward to sharing these more creative times with all of you.