Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Projects and Prospects

I'm not sure if anyone was actually asking where I've been, but it has again been a decent amount of time between posts. I do plan on posting more than once a month eventually, I just need the material to write.

It's been a bit of a waiting game recently as submissions have been made and projects discussed. The good news is, there will be plenty to keep me busy over the coming months. At this point I have a few short film projects coming up, 2 involving full scores and 1 involving a custom track for video syncing. Along with these confirmed projects, which will be named at the appropriate time, there are other prospective works currently being discussed.

In the world of full features, Relentless is progressing daily in it's home country. The recent announcement of filled cast positions has been extremely exciting and has given way to some great poster options. Please take a moment to check them out at the Horror in the Making blog and vote for your favorite. Of course, while you are there, check out the great movie merchandise and memorabilia you can score (including your name in the credits) for a rather small donation to the project. I want to make it clear that I do not expect anyone to donate, I just want to make these options known. This film is being funded completely by the filmmaker, there is no giant studio budget, so it's a great opportunity to become a part of something and support the arts.

Well that is it for now, but I promise there will be project, news and media updates on the main site soon. Actually, there might just be something there right now...